Zhang han and zheng shuang dating site

It is understood that this Saturday night on the third program, Zhang Han, a square dance, but also to make their own idol burden No.

Debut for the last few years, because Zhang Han always handsome appearance and standard president smile appeared on the screen, so to the audience left a "high handed president" impression.

He was busy filming his drama so he didn’t rly have any chance to see her but they did talk about it over the phone and it’s all rubbish.

I also read somewhere he said something like “If Zheng Shuang needs plastic surgery then there aren’t any beautiful woman.” How sweet Zhang Han!

I definitely quoted that wrong but you get what I’m trying to say haha.

((Update: It seems as of August 24th, 2013 Zheng Shuang finally openly admitted to dating Zhang Han!!

Zhang Han, who also goes by the English name Hans, is a Chinese actor, singer and host.