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Every month they pay a 5% bonus (of the gross salary).This is meant for retirement pension, but the employee can also choose to use it for something else. They have to work 40 hours a week, 5 days a week (monday - friday).The company is open till 10.30pm, so the employee can also work during the evening.

to support at new platforms they may want to use; ? Development is a very important part of the company: development of their systems and development of their employees. You will work in a healthy company with 11 young professionals (18-35 years old).

to think about technical solutions which supports the growth of the company. You will have to share your workplace with 3 collegues, including your coach. They like to discuss new ideas and tasks with collegues, where they expect you to defend your own ideas with passion. A few times a year they do things together in their spare time, like sailing, trialbiking or camping.

You like to work within a team and sometimes the day is closed with a cold beer. It’s very important to our client that everybody respect eachother and create a pleasant work environment.

The salary/benefits My client offers in the beginning a 7 month contract.

After this twice a 8 month contract (because of the regulation in the Netherlands for flexible contracts).