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Drawing on the works of Pred (1997), Pettman (1996), Razack (1998), and Bauman (Franklin, 2003), this paper begins with an examination of ‘otherness.’ An introduction to the child sex tourism industry follows, with analysis of child sex tourism’s definitional parameters and a brief exploration of the factors compelling children to enter the trade, as well as the hazards child prostitutes confront.

The core of the analysis is split into two sections, reflecting the dichotomy between ‘circumstantial’ and ‘preferential’ child sex tourists (Seabrook, 2000:x), so that the relationship between otherization and each group’s demand for Southern child sex may be explored.

Finally, because much of this examination’s significance lies in its policy implications, this paper concludes with a discussion thereof.

Racism, among the most commonly analyzed forms of otherization, appears as the debasement and/or vilification of the ‘other’ on the basis of group characteristics.

While these characteristics have often been geno- or phenotypical (e.g., ancestry, skin colour), Pred (195) describes modern-day racism as exhibiting a strong inferior to posit that these ‘others’ display “irreducible cultural differentness.” Pettman (19) adds that “difference is hierarchised,” i.e., that the ‘other’ remains not only distinct from but also than those in the dominant group.


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