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The characters are performing their jobs very well, especiall main actor and actress... ps - in my personal opinion, the local korean episode ratings for Miss Korea do not reflect the quality of this drama script which i found to be full of positive messages and heart warming.... :) @Hana: Yes, I realized my mistake after posting that comment.

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It tells us about human, failure, struggle, success, love and above all imperfection. Maybe it gets a NR because the folks in Korea don't want to associate the typical corruption in K Dramas with Miss Korea. I will probably do that seeing how you guys are giving this drama positive comments. Honestly i dont watch it regularly, but randomly...

It's such a shallow thing to judge this show by its title or its premise. The insanity of wasting your life trying to take over a near bankrupt fish business (Golden Rainbow) is more appealing. as much as i watch, this drama don't have a clear purpose ( like to inspire / encurage people) and not friendly to mostly viewers.... Just share good criticism @margaret no wonder, the writer and the director work at Pasta together before. There were no scenes were I thought, a other actor would be better. " all the initially drama that airing in your tv,..... This drama also...episode 1,2,3..still not make me curious & excited to watch next.... PLEACE make good new drama like JEWEL IN THE PALACE or like thet... Of course it cannot be compared with Heirs, because they are two different dramas, but I meant it's no Heirs for being such a big hit, having a lot of idols and everything.. So refreshing compared to the typical repetitve idol lovey dovey ballad that's in every kdrama.

Oh how I love Miss Korea and all the casts, no talent's wasted in this show. Based on the trailer it didnt seem like it was interesting but I'm glad I gave it a chance, this drama is so underrated! But she is one of some korean actrees whose usually get role in UNDERATE korean drama.. If Department Head Park became a judge I wouldn't be surprised at this point. ah, the only reason i think twice to watch is Lee Yeonhee. Ok I was also skeptical because of the title and the synopsis, which you can find in the internet. Far, far away from all this "run of the mill" dramas. I look forward to see better ratings in Korea for this drama. The storyline is very enticing and I'm really glued to find out what will happen to the characters in the end. THANKS Comparing this drama to the heirs is ridiculous, this is way better, the heirs only had popular cast but the storyline was cheesy, I can understand the fangirls liking it but come on don't come here and insult this drama, I hope that this Miss Korea will be very successful, fighting Well it can't be compared with Heirs, but Heirs was a big hit and everything, so it's different : D Love this drama anyways, but I think You Came from The Stars is very popular right now! I think the "You Who Came from The Stars" is popular right now! Will start watching now anyways~ Ok, it's official... LYH is perfect for this role and I don't find her annoying like I have in other dramas so that's a plus! the ONLY problem that drama has is the rival- you who came from the stars, rating wise..

Really worth watching, really Just finished watching this drama and absolutely loved it. Need to see Sun Kyun oppa soooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn...Yeon Hee unni much soonerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I've watched this drama (only until ep 4 though) and it was so good.. Great acting and chemistry from the leads, and the premise, though it seems to revolve around pageants, there wasnt any dull moments and entertained me thoroughly throughout 20 eps! It's hard to receive the feel from actress like her, Shin Sekyung, etc. Miss Korea seemed to be a superficial beauty Drama. This Drama is speaking about the hard "Beauty World", the abuse of power and, of course, love. Waikiki ^^ I'm only just starting this episode and just finished episode 2 but I have to stop and write this because I am so impressed with this drama so far. I love the underlying humour that this drama is made with which makes the whole subject matter lighter but surprisingly also more potent. They've got a very talented group of cast in this drama. apart from that unfortunate fact, the pilot was very proising.

The characters are so firmly defined unlike some series which show stereotypical characters. I'm all smiling, and for me the chemistry between Lee Sunkyun and Lee Yeonhee is so great! i was curious about the red wool coat, tan collar, emblem on sleeve shoulder. It is unusual to find a drama that can blend realism and humour so effectively. I don't watch a lot of Korean dramas as they can be a little draggy at times. and I'm very curious and excited to see what will happen to her at the end. actors and their charachters are doing a nice job and the story is unique and fun.


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