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The only difficulty might be manual synchronization sentences in both languages to match each other by its meaning. Bellow are steps necessary to create the example above. Just download last version with PHP, unpack zip archive (e.g. If you use Linux installation of php server shouldn’t be a problem for you. Download first subtitles (showed in bold in picture above). Extract subtitles file, rename it into and put in www directory.

Not sure about Mackintosh and other operating systems but you always can use a free php hosting service.

Words which might not be transcribed (with "") or translated (empty or with capital letters) properly will be at the end of to make manual editing of this dictionary file easier. Second subtitles file synchronized with first (optional).

If not just read output and try to edit 0001accordingly. Just open it with notepad or such, edit, save are rerun again.

Very interesting use of available technologies to bring language learning to anyone interested in expanding their global vocabulary!