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An immigrant is one who has entered the country with the intention to reside permanently in Peru (ibid.).

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However, within 50 kilometers of the borders, aliens may not acquire or possess under any title mines, land, woods, water bodies, fuel or other sources of energy, directly or indirectly, individually or collectively, subject to losing to the State the right thus acquired.

Excepted are cases of public necessity specifically determined by Supreme Decree approved by the Council of Ministers in accordance to the law (ibid.).

Chapters 5 and 6, Articles 22-31, of Legislative Decree No.

703 set out the requirements and impediments for the entry of a foreigner; these range from identity documentation requirements to exclusion based on criminal activity (ibid.).

Article 33 sets out the residence or stay period allowed for each migratory category; most are renewable, except for the immigrant category which allows residence indefinitely (plazo de residencia indefinido) (ibid.). 703, foreign residents may exit and re-enter Peru and retain their migratory status and visa as long as they comply with the requirements and deadlines set out by the legislative decree and its regulations (5 Nov. If a foreign resident requests permanent exit, they lose their residency status; for readmission, they have to comply with the requirements for foreigners defined by the Legislative Decree No. If a foreigner violates the terms of the decree, Article 60 provides for the application of fines, forced exit, the cancellation of status as a resident and/or expulsion (ibid.).


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