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I asked Trace her thoughts on how to be a better ally to the trans community.

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In order to share the attention and highlight the issues of the transgender community, Caitlyn went down to San Diego in the premiere episode to meet the family of the late Kyler Prescott, while last week’s show involved a girls’ night and a road trip to San Francisco with a group of trans women (that continues tonight) to better understand not only their stories, but the community’s as well through a chat with reps from the Human Rights Campaign.

Throughout the entirety of episode two, we met a diverse group of intelligent, beautiful and all-around dynamic trans women that educated Caitlyn on the serious issues trans people face while respectfully checking her for her privilege throughout.

Not only was it powerful television to see the varied stories and journeys these women have been on and continue to go through, but it also brought up numerous ways the community could be helped through Caitlyn’s spotlight with better emphasis and initiatives on programs to help find entry-level jobs, welfare and education for the trans community.

Get to know nine women that have been introduced on the series and keep up with them on social media to follow their stories just as closely as you’re likely following Cait’s.

revealed in episode two that she started her transition 20 years ago, back in ’95, but even today she sometimes faces difficulty getting hormone treatments, highlighting how far the trans community still has to go in getting full equality and respect.