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So that’s why we created the “bridging” technique – to get from a situation where a woman might have a low commitment to meeting up again to where the two of you are on a date.

However, we will often still use bridging techniques because A) sometimes we might err and think a woman is more committed or less flaky than she turns out to be and B) they won’t hurt. Often they are unnecessary, since with good game, you can get most women to answer the phone and make plans.

However, they are important for a couple of reasons.

If you meet someone you really want, it can be worth doing the work to increase your odds from “likely” to “near certain.” Second, many of us got involved in dating science because we wanted to date women who would normally be “out of our league.” None of us are rich, or supermodels.

Almost all of our instructors are former bootcamp students.

So, what might be overkill when meeting the type of woman who might be attracted to you anyway can be crucially important when meeting a stunning, intelligent, fun, and sexy woman who attracts powerful and successful men wherever she goes.