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And lastly, Ignite will credit users’ accounts based on the size of their party. We think that with a good amount of people, this will be in the - range — so pretty sizable.

For bars, the value-proposition comes down to volume and cost savings.

How many more drinks would you order at your favorite downtown bar if you knew you could get them instantly?

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The crowd-sourcing discount isn’t really that much different from a cost perspective for bars – they do group-discounts all the time.

Automating group discounts through the app just makes the process easier for all parties involved.

Another thing that maybe not everyone realizes is that bartender theft is a major issue for bars and nightclubs.

In Philadelphia, the industry standard is that 17% of revenue at bars is ‘lost’ due to bartender’s over-pouring drinks or straight-up gifting them to encourage higher tips.

Since tipping is pre-set (much like Uber) and orders because of the increased volume they can serve, in some cases doubling their income/tips.


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