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Creăm strategii de comunicare personalizate, în funcție de nevoile afacerii tale.

In realitate, site-ul tau nu genereaza vanzari din cauza ofertei, a design-ului sau a procesului de vanzare.

Adevarul este ca traficul nu reprezinta o problema.

Nota: Imagineaza-ti ca ai avea peste 10.000 de persoane zilnic pe site.

Cat % crezi ca ai putea sa ii transformi in clienti?

Incearca sa te gandesti la TRAFIC ca la un bun de consum.


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    Zie ook mijn toelichting: Schrijfwedstrijd/Veelgestelde_vragen#Crowdfunding? In diverse kopjes boven en onder het kopje over crowdfunding heb ik een poging ondernomen om uitleg te geven hoe en met welke gedachtegang de prijsuitreiking in 2012 georganiseerd is:

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    “The Micros Man” has one goal: helping your small business run smoothly and be prepared for anything.

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    It’s a small mistake that really stands out since everything else apart from that is simply a masterpiece, and while I’m biased as a Mano fan I am still concerned that it might affect sales in one way or another since many might think that it’s last years calendar but hopefully staff caught the mistake and fixed it since everything apart from that is perfect.

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    The pictures are the first thing we women look at (yes, looks DO matter, but not the way you might think).