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Users can sign up via the app, complete a relationship questionnaire, upload photos from their mobile phones or from Facebook, and receive daily matches—all free of charge.

Paid subscribers get access to email and can also see who has viewed their profiles.

It's the perfect app for those of all ages who are looking for long-term commitments.4.

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So you want to send a sexy text message to your partner, but you’re fretting about what might happen down the road. Since one tap or swipe on your phone can be the difference between the steam of romance and the heat of embarrassment, it’s smart to sext carefully.

We talked to tech and marketing expert Erin Bury, head of 88 Creative, and Jessica O’Reilly, author of for their tips on how to do just that. Abstinence is the safest bet: "I know this isn't what people want to hear, but sexting is like posting something on the Internet,” says Bury. The love of your life this week could be the person tweeting out your nude selfie next week, so if you want it to stay private, don't share it with anyone.” 2.

Use protection: Bury suggests using an app like Snapchat, which deletes your photos after they're sent, but warns, “Anyone you send a photo to can take a screenshot of your messages.

You'll always be notified, but that doesn't mean you can force them to delete the photos.” Apps like Cover Me, Frankly or, meanwhile, are designed to keep your chats private. The complete delete: “Delete them not only off your phone, but off your cloud storage accounts (Dropbox, i Cloud, etc), and the cloud storage account for your recipient,” says Bury. Stay off social: Don't use Facebook, Twitter DM and the like to sext.

“is a zero-trace camera app that encrypts photos, stores them in a hidden, password-protected gallery and allows you to share with other app users only using double-encryption technology,” Dr. “Deleting it from your photo roll doesn't mean it's gone forever.” 4. “These apps and their notifications often appear on multiple devices—including the ones you leave laying around that friends and family might stumble upon. Just wait: If you’ve ever received an unprovoked intimate photo from a guy you were talking to, you know there is nothing worse.


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