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There's no requirement for force, fraud, or coercion to come into play.

Sex worker rights activists complain that this prevents young women from working in pairs for safety and actually increases the chances that vulnerable teens will wind up exploited by manipulative or violent traffickers.

The Cranston police chief told that if even one young person was saved, any number of sex-worker or john arrests are worth it. There's no reason why helping underage victims requires arresting adult sex workers who are just trying to make a living and men whose only criminal acts involve communicating with the Cranston police.

The beauty who hanged herself after her sex tapes went public has triggered a wave of soul-searching in Italy.

Props to the American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island (RIACLU), which is speaking out against old-fashioned prostitution stings disguised as "human trafficking busts." After 31 people were arrested in a recent sting operation around the city of Cranston, the RIACLU condemned the fact that "no fewer than eight law enforcement agencies were involved" in an operation that's chief result was the arrest of 14 people for "procuring sexual conduct for a fee" and 14 others on prostitution charges.