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Explaining to your teenage son about your labour (which was horrific and just got met with a sniggering reaction) is a conversation I can imagine neither mum nor son particularly wanted to have and it was obvious.When asked at the end of the convo if he ever wanted to be a Dad ‘yeah it’ll be fun’, I just felt that everything he had seen and been told throughout the show went in one ear and out the other.

Posted in Your Call Although not usually an avid viewer of The Sex Education Show, I did tune into episode 5 and found myself somewhat informed yet simultaneously cringing behind a cushion.

Episode 4 focused on pregnancy, and more so the physical processes that affect mother and child.

Later issues surrounding homosexuality and religion were explored, along with the problems surrounding social networking websites.

As I said although informative and at times enlightening, the problem I found with the Sex Ed show is that whilst it has the right attitude by attempting to address the issues present in society, they continually fail to hit the nail on the head and provide any real solutions or even an in-depth insight to said issues.

For instance, the first stat provided was that Britain has the highest number of teenage pregnancies, with 8000 girls under the age of 16 fell pregnant per year.