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The politically-charged musical based on the 2010 movie also stars the likes of Sophie Stanton and Steve Furst, and tells the story of the Dagenham Ford machinists who were part of the famous 1968 equal pay strike.She said of her new role in the first ever stage adaption of the film: 'It's quite exposing, but then so is doing a monologue.Actually I find public speaking the worst, because you're not hiding behind a well-written script.

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describe as their “angriest (and nerdiest) music critic”, and his column about Sky Ferreira, which has had Twitter in apoplexy over the last couple of hours.

Tavana’s column is the sort of thing that men who have never had sex write about women they would like to have sex with — it focuses a lot on her breasts, and the experience of reading it is not unlike looking down while you’re on the subway and noticing that a small dog is humping your leg.

You might argue that Tavana’s column is a Clickhole-level parody of music writing by men about women, but here at Flavorwire, we know that #notallmen write like this — and anyway, it goes both ways, right? We’ve uncovered a perfect example of how the music press of the time wrote about another famous singer who got naked on the cover of his album — some guy called John Lennon, who we’re told was a decent songwriter, but really, all the coverage John Winston Lennon, 28, has a name that reads like one of those cars with wood panelling on the side, or the kindred spirit to, um, a whole lot of other ’70s rock stars, the most ambitious men ever to claim sex god status despite washing their hair few enough times a year to count on one hand.

Both John and his contemporaries have similar rugs and ability to cause a shitstorm.

He’s also a genius self-promoter who understands his brand better than his record label or handlers.


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