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If she does, she would be far from alone: 15% of U. adults have sought relationships online, and one-fourth of people in their 20s have used a mobile dating app. This is particularly helpful for people in thinner dating markets (eg, gays, lesbians, middle-age heterosexuals, and rural dwellers) or people seeking a companion of a particular type or lifestyle.

Online dating may have special appeal to young psychiatrists such as Dr. Oddly enough, being a mental health professional can leave you socially isolated.

Many people react cautiously when they learn you are a psychiatrist—they think you are evaluating them (and let’s face it: often, this is true).

Psychiatrists should be cordial but circumspect in conducting work relationships, which limits the type and amount of social life they might generate in the setting where many people meet their future spouses. R decides to try online dating, she will be making it possible for curious patients to gain access to some of her personal information.

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