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"We have plans to provide more visibility into our matching algorithms later this year." Study co-author Harry T.

Reis, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester in N.

Y., told Web MD that he thinks the sites should share their methodology anyway.

"Imagine if a drug company came out with a new drug and said that it cures depression better than any other drug, but refuses to tell people what's in the drug or how they did the study," Reis said. " Besides questions on the validity of the algorithms, Finkel told Reuters that online dating is like shopping at "supermarkets of love," which could backfire and overload people.

(CBS) Are you one of the millions of Americans who use online dating to look for love?


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    Jean Pictet has received several academical distinctions, (honorary Doctorate in Law of Universities of Leyden, Zurich and the Catholic University of Louvain), as well as several Red Cross awards (ICRC rules prohibiting the acceptance of other distinctions).

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    She grew up in Owosso, Michigan— a community that supported engaging in the arts— which helped her to develop a strong appreciation for music, art and theater. She has traveled to over 16 countries cultivating a strong interest in learning about other countries, cultures and languages.

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