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,” and suggest how such a perspective may be applied to reduce the incidence of bullying. Schöppe, D., Blatter, K., Faust, V., Jäger, D., Stanat, P., Artelt, C.

Third edition of the lecture series within the research priority: Education and Learning in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts.

‚Including students with special educational needs into large-scale assessments of competencies: Challenges and approaches within the German National Educational Panel Study (NEPS).’ The Future of Educational Research.

‚Is Secondary School Teacher Judgment Accuracy Related to the Development of Students’ Reading Literacy?

‚Interest in Language Arts and Reading Competence in Secondary School.’ In: M.

‘Reading Literacy Development in Secondary School and the Effect of Differential Institutional Learning Environments.’ In: M.


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    According to the Camarillo State Hospital Archives: "Camarillo State Hospital was touted as the largest psychiatric hospital this side of the Mississippi when it opened in the mid-1930's.

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    When this company, James Russel closed in 2002, nothing was left of the famous Charatan pipes of old.