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BNT is also is an active member of the European Broadcasting Union. A is a Greek TV channel that broadcasts in the region of Athens.

It is considered as an informational channel although a significant part of its broadcasting are cartoons from the Nickelodeon TV network.

Comunicare Digitale is the leading association for experts consulting and production on Digital TV: Dvb-S2, Dvb-T2, Dvb-Sh, Dtt, Ott TV, IPTV Broadcast, TV technologies, manufacturers; and HD and 3D alternative TV contents production, in Italy and Europe.

Cyprus Broadcast Corporation is Cyprus's public broadcasting service, transmitting island-wide on four radio and two television channels.

Cy BC is a non-profit organization that utilises its entire income for the promotion of its main mission, which is the objective provision of information, culture and entertainment for the people of Cyprus.


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