Online sex crime entrapment

How can you turn a lonely guy looking for a date into a predator looking for a victim? Thus we must hail Noah Pransky, an investigative reporter for WTSP in Tampa Bay, Florida, for exposing the way cops fish for men on adults-only dating sites and then arrest them for being child predators. One way the cops do this is by first pretending to be young ladies of legal age.

Then, once they develop an online relationship with a guy, they "admit" that they are actually younger, but still really want to meet.

Or they say that they are eager to meet the man, but will be bringing along a younger sibling.

The men don't have to indicate any interest in dating the female they now think is younger, or in dating a legal lady's younger sibling.

Merely continuing an online conversation is considered soliciting a minor, as is heading off to meet the "older" sibling who will have the "younger" sibling (both non existent, of course) with her.