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When Barbara Denham first saw Gabriel Kovari's body, sitting upright against a wall in an East London graveyard on her early morning dog walking route, she thought he was just sleeping. I gently touched his cheek and withdrew immediately as it was cold." It was the summer of 2014 and Kovari, a slim, blonde, 22-year-old artist, had recently arrived in London from Slovakia.

She walked past, but it occurred to her that he was just a little too still. With only a handful of friends in the city, Kovari had made it known on Grindr that he was looking for a room to rent.

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"I felt comfortable inviting him to lodge with me and we became friends.

He told me he was looking to make a go of it in London and this made sense, because yes, this city attracts young gay men from other parts of the UK and Europe, it's seen as a tolerant, liberal place compared to others. I tried to contact him a few days later, but I never got a reply." On August 28 2014, there was a knock at John's door.

He told me he wanted his life to begin in London." Kovari stayed for six weeks, then told John he'd found a new place to stay. On his doorstep were four uniformed police officers, who asked John if he knew a Gabriel Kovari. The officers informed John that Kovari had been found dead that morning in St Margaret's church graveyard in Barking, a neighborhood in East London. Roughly two months before that, in June, Anthony Walgate and his two friends, China and Kiera, all in their early 20s, were on a summer break from Middlesex University, where they were getting their degrees in fashion design.

China and Kiera remember it well, because it was the last time they saw Walgate alive.

So China went looking for him at the shared house where he lived. She tried shouting and called his phone again, but there was just silence, so she went to report her friend missing at the local police station.