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Michaud has stated that "If we didn't lose our jobs, [the business] wouldn't have happened anytime soon." Doug Walker is an Italian-born American actor, comedian, writer, and film critic.

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is an online media production company based in Lombard, Illinois.

The company was created in 2008 by Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, and Bhargav Dronamraju.

Channel Awesome operated the That Guy with the Glasses website (often shortened to TGWTG) until late 2014, when it was replaced by the current Channel Awesome website.

That Guy With The Glasses previously hosted fellow channels by Bar Fiesta beginning in November 2009, Blistered Thumbs beginning in November 2010.

As of May 2015, Channel Awesome currently hosts a You Tube channel of the same name with an emphasis on the Walker Brothers' content, as well as the You Tube channel League of Super Critics that includes several of the site's other top producers.