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The weather is changing here in the North East- in my little corner the leaves are turning orange and all the woolens are coming out. Gauge 20 sts x 24 rows= 4” in pattern before blocking 16 sts x 22 rows= 4” after blocking This pattern is available for .00 in the Savory Knitting Shop on Ravelry End-to-end seams End-to-end seams for when there is a sloping bind off.

Who knit not one but TWO Maxfields Named for the little shore birds that scurry with invisible legs and fly together in cloud formation over the coastline of New England, this shawl is worked on the bias in a completely reversible rib and eyelet pattern- there is no right or wrong side.

These are best for patterns with a lot of textures, cables and some (but not always all) lace stitches Grafting: creates a practically seamless join in the knitting that is flexible and nearly invisible.

Its is not sturdy enough for a shoulder seam but is an excellent way to join knitting pieces end to end, like for neck bands.

3 Needle BO: the knitted BO but with 2 pieces of knitting worked together, it plays well with short row shaping, often the best choice for joining shoulders.

Setting in Sleeves Start at the top and work down to the underarm: Stretching the cap, not the shoulder.