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“Ho avuto l’ opportunità di intervistarla un paio di volte quando era in vita e anche di vistitare il suo appartamento a Milano”, Martin racconta a, che era un luogo buio misterioso che era colmo stanza dopo stanza di tesori nascosti della moda”.La famiglia della Piaggi ha ricontattato Martin quando volevano vendere alcuni dei suoi gioielli personali.

29/10/2013 in artists, cross fashion, events, exhibitions, fashion designers, sharings | Tags: Andrew O' Hagan, Anna Piaggi, artists, blogs, Book&zines, Central Saint Martins, cross fashion, events, exhibitions, fashion designer, Isabella Blow, Isabella Blow Foundation, Jeremy Langmead, Joris Karl Huysmans, Leigh Bowery, London, New York Times, Quentin Crisp, Somerset House, T magazine, Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent | Leave a comment It touched me to read the piece by Andrew O’ Hagan, appeared today on T magazine, the blog by New York Times, announcing the exhibition “Isabella Bow, Fashion Galore!

”, organized by the Isabella Blow Foundation in collaboration with the Central Saint Martins which will be held in London at the Somerset House from the 20 March 2014.

The article I am glad to share with you dear FBFers features a private memory of Isabella Blow told by Jeremy Langmead along with precious remarks about the essence of eccentricity, its core, what separates style and uniqueness from fashion, what represents an icon, a dandy and distinguishes it from an aesthete, modern Des Esseintes (leading character of “Against the grain”, the novel by Joris-Karl Huysmans) with more or less successful results in terms of surface(though the surface often justifies and substitutes the lack of contents and ideas).

Genuineness in the way of being, thinking, acting and doing.

11/04/2016 in accessoires, cross fashion, events, fashion designers, rip | Tags: Anna Piaggi, Chanel, Deanna Farneti Cera, Hint magazine, JJ Martin, Karl Lagerfeld, La Double, Milan, Salone del Mobile, Ugo Correani | Leave a comment The following news and appearing on Hint magazine talk about the sale of a jewelry collection owned by the iconic journalist Anna Piaggi, available in the e-store “La Double”, event coinciding with the Milan Salone del Mobile 2016 edition: “The fascination with Italian Vogue editor, colorful muse, and unabashed eccentric Anna Piaggi, who died in 2012, shows no signs of letting up.


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