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The Payment Option Payment is only for Fall/Spring semesters 3.

Submit a voucher from an employer, or agency that certifies that they will pay for your tuition and fees, or 4. The following information is helpful in interpreting the residency policy.

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You can make a tuition payment online by visiting the student portal (Campus Cruiser) at

After logging in using your MCC username and password, select the “Web Advisor” tab and then click on the “View/Pay Tuition Bill” under Student Accounts as shown below. To avoid this problem in the future, change your pop-up blocker settings to permit “prod.campuscruiser.com”.

This will take you to the Student Finance view where you may make a payment as shown below.

Tuition and fee payments have due dates based upon when your first register for the semester.

Students with unpaid bills beyond the due date are subject to cancellation by the College.