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Panhandle fed cattle trade was quiet at midweek, feedlots asking 5 against a handful of 8 bids.

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Those attending a recent predator management workshop here sponsored by Wildlife Services Colorado in conjunction with the Colorado Wool Growers Association annual convention heard from sheep producers, agency personnel and researchers on the use of livestock protection dogs to manage predator problems.

The history of the meat goat industry in Texas was one of the highlights during the recent Sheep and Goat Expo here, hosted by the Texas A&M Agri Life Research and Extension Center.

Sonora rancher Preston Faris described that history from a personal perspective.

On Tuesday the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee released its report highlighting examples of EPA illegally asserting jurisdiction over features traditionally exempt from the Clean Water Act.

A STAR Trek-daft multi-millionaire businessman has spent £100 million to build an office designed like the Starship Enterprise.