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Prolific Magson’s third Watchman outing (Close Quarters, 2015, etc.) overstocks its supporting cast with paper tigers but delivers in its propulsive action sequences.

When a note appears in Nancy Hardman’s suburban London gym locker warning her that her 4-year-old, Beth, has been kidnapped, she thinks it’s a sick joke.

But when she goes home and finds Beth and the Polish nanny, Tiggi, gone, Nancy knows it’s for real.

Instructed not to call the police but to alert her husband, Michael, a charity worker in Africa, she calls Cruxys Solutions, the number Michael left for her in case of emergencies.

The shadowy firm—they’re like an insurance agency “only we sort out situations, we don’t pay out claims”—sends Ruth Gonzalez, an ex-copper, and Andy Vaslik, an American kidnapping specialist with former ties to the Department of Homeland Security, to investigate.