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Ezquerro, Lope Luzón, Aránzazu Navarro, Marta Liesa, Carlos L.

tectonic signals in a continental extensional basin (Teruel, NE Spain) from stable isotope (δ18O) and sequence stratigraphical evolution.

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A hydrogeomorphic river network model predicts where and why hyporheic exchange is important in large basins.

Bolla Bollana boulder beds: A Neoproterozoic trough mouth fan in South Australia?

Análisis Icnológico y Paleoambiental de la Aloformación Punta San Andrés (Plio-Pleistoceno), Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Alignment of stone-pavement clasts by unconcentrated overland flow - implications of numerical and physical modelling.

Dietze, Michael Groth, Juliane and Kleber, Arno 2013.