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It is quite well-written, very revealing, sometimes erotic, often funny and occasionally touching, a must-read for any Christy Canyon fan (and there are legions), and a fascinating glimpse into the world of American erotica, as well as the mind of a young, smart, alienated, world famous porn star.

Lots of juicy behind-the-scenes stories of her adventures with porn luminaries Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, Peter North and the ubiquitous Ron Jeremy, as well as mainstream celebs like Max Baer (Jethro on “The Beverly Hillbillies”), intercut with tales of suburban angst and an intense longing for love.

Christy comes across as just as likeable as I thought she was back in “Sore Throat” days, albeit a bit more complex.

Occasionally, she seems rather spoiled, “blaming” her totally voluntary entry into porn on not getting enough attention from her self-involved but loving suburban folks, and griping about “filthy,” “loser” homeless people panhandling for quarters in front of the supermarket. This one is obviously a real human being, and a very talented one at that, capable of captivating one generation with her knockout body, and now, perhaps, another one with her engaging writing.

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