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When a client computer’s network connection to a server is slow (as configured by the administrator), Offline Files automatically transitions the client computer into an “Offline (slow connection)” mode.

New functionality for Offline Files includes the following: Fast first logon is a new feature that frees users from waiting while files are copied to the server the first time they log on after a Folder Redirection policy setting has been applied that redirects the path of a user folder to a network location.

It also optimizes network usage on WAN links by synchronizing files as a background task.

Prior to Windows 7, after a policy setting was applied that redirected a user’s folder to a network location, the user had to wait while the contents of the folder were moved to the new location.

This process could take a considerable amount of time if there was a large amount of data to move and the network was slow.

On Windows 7, as long as Offline Files is enabled (it is on by default), the user must wait only for Windows to move the files into the local Offline Files cache.


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    Army Classes, Army training, Army videos, and Army DASUMMARY of CHANGE DA PAM 25-33 User's Guide for Army Publications and Forms This revision consolidates DA PAM 25-32, 14 August 1987; DA PAM 25-33, 1 June 1988; DA PAM .

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