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The dating rumorsbetween "Surplus Princess" lead actors, Jo Bo Ah and On Joo Wan, have been confirmed to be true!On Joo Wan"s company Will Entertainment said on March 26, "We confirmed the two are dating by asking Joo Wan directly.They are dating well and started dating a month ago. If you watched and enjoyed the on-screen chemistry between Ohn Joo Wan (32) and Jo Bo Ah (24) in tv N"s "Surplus Princess," then you have a pleasant surprise awaiting you as the two are reportedly in a relationship.

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It hasn"t been long since they officially became a couple, but they"ve been close friends since they acted together last year, and the relationship naturally grew into a romantic one.

One rep from the entertainment industry stated on March 25, "The atmosphere on set while filming the drama was extremely good and most of the actors have continuously been friendly with one another.

After filming wrapped up, Ohn Joo Wan and Jo Bo Ah talked about their concerns, shared interest in each other, and became closer." Apparently, both sides, known for their honest personalities, are open about their feelings toward each other.

Another entertainment rep stated, "It"s been only about a month since they started dating, but they do not hide the fact that they are an item.

Sunny recommended on dating secretly in the industry, Whenever you dont would like to existdiscovered out, you've bring along anyone who folks wont suspect at all, pointing to MC Jo Se Ho.


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