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This repair utility should remove the worm from your computer's memory and delete the files it produces, therefore disinfecting your computer.If you have been G-Lined due to this virus, it is strongly advised you run this update, then contact Do you own chat rooms with an average of 10 or more users?Click the link below to apply for your personal virtual host i.e.

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Some major updates to the previous wizard, better reliability, better stability, and self-updating Bot Serv list has been added.

You will also find the setup page on the Wizard as it appears at Free Java, and a page generator for even quicker generation of your free HTML code.

Please contact Alex for any questions or comments or bugs about this latest release, either on #help or by email below.

[ You are no longer advised to use the old version, as certain aspects have become incompatible with our network setup ] Two rogue members of the IRC Chat staff attempted to seize control of the network.

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