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You can also track revised records using Checklists and retrieve this data using q Reports for checklists.You will have to manually complete the revision files directly in HEPCAT.You may also want to look at amending the data in excel and refer to this article called Excel to Text for Submitting via HEPCAT PDF here - to amend data in excel and then convert the files for submission.

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This guide explains how the data you have already reported to HEIMS may be affected when you implement a new system and what to do if you need to revise previously reported data.

The revision guides explain how to revise data reported in each submission. The key reports that help you check your data are: The submission reports provide you with the details of all warning messages that occurred on submission.

It is important to review these warnings as they may indicate other possible errors in your data.

A summary report is provided for the following submissions: page in the Checking your data toolkit explains how to use each of these reports.

It includes the HEIMS Online Data View user guide which will help you navigate and view data that you have reported to HEIMS and information on how to interpret the data view reports.