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Then there was this other chat, where a box popped up every time someone got in touch.It had my name, age, and a photo of "myself." I was coached on how to keep the customers talking to me for as long as possible. I mean, there were these really lonely people that I chatted with all the time.I had to ask open questions, mention personal things, and find out about things that the customers liked—anything to make them want to get in touch again. It was about finding out their interests and goals. They were just happy about the fact that someone wanted to hear what they had to say at all.

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Were there any guys you spoke with repeatedly who would get in touch regularly? This was a few years ago, so I don’t remember all of them but there was this one guy who from the beginning who said that what he was looking for was an honest relationship. It was the only thing I did, four hours a day, which just about covered my rent. It was fun in the beginning but it quickly grew old. You would think the opposite but it wasn’t about sex that much—it was more about company. Did you make it all up or did you draw from your experience?

He said: “I used to be a criminal, but now I want to move away from that and find a girl who I can be honest with, and build something beautiful with her.” Then on the other side of the phone was this 21-year-old guy, pretending to be a woman, writing “of course, we should build something beautiful together.” I thought this was pretty shitty on my part. There were plenty of lonely people on those chats, which is really depressing. When you are a young man you kind of have this inside of you already.

Did you never think of exposing what it was you were doing? I wasn’t allowed to tell customers anything about that. If you’ve been watching a little bit of porn, I’d say you know how it works. Everybody should try sex-chatting at some point in their lives!

I also had a bunch of pre-written sentences that I could get inspiration from.

If you’re the kind of guy who thinks the woman of your dreams could be waiting for you in a paid-for chat-forum, let me give you proof that this will never happen: This is Hugo from Sweden.