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--Disabling comments because I'm tired of stupid notifications about your stupid comments over a year and a half later-- Used a series of special programs to slow down "Let it Go" from Disney's "Frozen" down to 1/17th of its original speed.

As for the sound, like the video, we're taking something that was designed to be good at normal speed, and stretching it to a fraction of that.

When you slow down audio normally, it drops in pitch.

To keep it smooth and and in-pitch, the program I used for this copies the audio over itself, and uses a bunch of fancy math to keep it smooth.

Basically, it gets echo-y, less clear, and somewhat trippy sounding.

I may be able to reduce the video artifacts some, but it took my medium-power computer 15 hours to render what you see here, so this is what we got so far.