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Kenya has developed several internationals airports which serve various international airlines which Kenya is located in East Africa.On the north, the country is bordered by Sudan and Ethiopia, on the south by Sudan, the west by Uganda & Lake Victoria and on the east by both Somalia and Indian Ocean.For such movements to be effectively achieved there are various airports established in the country.

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There are various This is one question that I used to ask my parents back when I was a kid.

I grew up believing that it took a lot of intelligence and skills to become one.

Okay, the latter is true for any experienced pilot.

A lot of skills, actually experience, is paramount to fly any plane.

Kenya is a developed country which for many years has been trying its best to keep up with other developed and developing countries globally. The best thing is that such sacrifices can be advantageous to the common mwananchi There are developments that I personally have appreciated and benefited immensely from.