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In this way, my ukulele is a great reminder for me of the community of friends I have to this day in Michigan. The most common type of ukulele is probably the soprano or the concert ukulele.These ukulele sizes are smaller than a tenor and are known for a brighter and more jangly sound that people often associate with ukuleles.Tenor ukuleles have a warmer and sometimes deeper sound because of the bigger body style.

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This is nice if you want to play higher up on the neck to reach higher notes.

People with larger fingers or hands might find tenor ukes slightly easier to play. A lot of people who’ve watched my ukulele videos have asked me why my ukulele sounds different than theirs. Standard ukulele tuning is g CEA where the lowercase “g” represents the top string tuned to the G above middle C.

For my ukulele, rather than tuning to the G above middle C, I tune to the G below middle C. I like this tuning because it gives my ukulele a broader range.

I can play lower notes and get some of the warmth that comes from the bass of these lower notes.

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions through email and comments here on the site asking what type of ukulele I have and how it is tuned.


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