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)Bill, I would just love you to be able to do this, but I feel in my heart of hearts that EB would kick up a heck of a stink if you tried.

In my sad opinion, the only way it could be recorded for Librivox would be to get Project Gutenberg to clear it as Public Domain, and I think PG might be very leery indeed about that, considering the problems they clearly had with the matter of trademark infringement in the 1911 edition.

(Bill, people would think of this as a group project, not a solo.

Then again, Librivoxateers are not most people.) BUT Ruth is right.

We have to be sure there are no copyright claims of any sort.

I have been poking around the Internet a bit, and though I can find pieces of it online, that doesn't mean it is clearly in the public domain.

The absence of a full online text that is definitely PD makes me a little suspicious that there is some sort of trademark claim as she says.