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Toriyama prefers to live in quieter rural areas where he can devote himself to both his work and his family rather than in big cities.The assembly of scale models is one of his biggest hobbies; he possesses dozens of models, and often finds himself assembling models instead of working.After Mato's death in 1995, he began taking care of a Welsh Corgi dog named Toma (depicted on the cover flap of Kajika), and starting in 1999, a Cornish Rex cat (upon which he based the design for the character Beerus, as well as some elements of Neko Majin), and many birds.

Ironically, he claims that he does not have much interest in manga and anime, saying that he enjoyed it until he was about 11, after which his interest shifted to movies.

Toriyama's greatest pleasure is having a great family life.

He spent his childhood and much of his formative years in Kiyosu, what was then a largely rural area just outside Nagoya.

Since an early age, he had a passion for drawing and was influenced by the productions of the time (Disney movies and Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy).

However, after his primary school years, his interest in comics and cartoons dwindled, and his attention shifted to live-action movies such as Westerns, war films, and science fiction.


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