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Researchers at the University of Iowa say that they have found the perfect matchmaking formula.A new algorithm designed for usage on online dating sites has been developed by a team led by Kang Zhao, assistant professor of management science at the Tippie College of Business.The algorithm is based on two variables: a user’s tastes and his or her attractiveness.

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The formula is similar to the model used by Netflix to recommend movies to users based on their viewing history.

According to Zhao, the combination of these criterions will help generate better matches rather than simply relying on information entered into online dating websites.

Online dating profiles can often be intentionally misleading or users may not really know their own preferences in potential partners, he added.

“Your actions reflect your taste and attractiveness in a way that could be more accurate than what you include in your profile," Zhao said in a University of Iowa press release.

Of course, science and mathematical deductions can only go so far.