Dating sites for gay gamers

On its face, why shouldn’t companies and political organizations use this method of targeting shoppers and voters?

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Am I the only one creeped out that Facebook is now guessing, sometimes correctly, if its users are gay?

In the world of Big Data, our private lives are increasingly becoming intermingled with the shadowy, yet public, world of cyberspace.

Whenever we go online we are providing data that can be used to market to us; from Google searches to Facebook likes to e Bay purchases, we are inputting data into a series of mathematical models which make educated guesses about the kinds of people we are. As Buzz Feed notes, Matt was your typical Facebook user who suddenly found an ad in his news feed for help in coming out.

The weird thing was that Matt “did” need help coming out, and understandably he was more than a bit curious as to how Facebook knew.

At first, Matt wondered if Facebook had accessed his text messages, as he had confided in a close friend the previous night that he was gay, and asked for advice.