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The ACLU of Indiana had argued that the ban was so broad that it prevented someone who might have been convicted of an offense years ago from engaging in even innocent conversations on social media channels.

This meant that a sex offender could not only not engage in conversation on Facebook, but also could not post a resume on Linked In, or as Ken Falk, legal director for the ACLU-IN was quoted as pointing out, “It would even bar someone who was convicted 40 years ago from participating in a Twitter feed with the pope.” Now, given the amount of press on alleged predatory behavior within the church over the past few years, I’m not sure Mr.

Falk used the best social media example—go ahead and cock your head to the side and raise an eyebrow as you ponder that one for a minute—go ahead, I’ll wait for you.

Now admittedly, I haven’t studied recidivism among sex offenders, but I do ascribe to the “leopards don’t change their spots” view of life—for the most part.

She found out later that her date was a convicted serial sex offender., Los Angeles Superior Court Case #BC458927) she only sought for to screen out sex offenders and she waived her right to compensatory damages.