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When I planned to go to study abroad in Sweden, and specifically in Uppsala, one of the major things I remember was that it was surprisingly difficult to find a lot of pictures of the city itself.

I was attracted to Uppsala as it was sold (and lived up to its reputation) as Sweden’s “student city” with a prestigious university and lots of activity in a location not overwhelmingly big, but very close to the country’s capital (a 40 minute train journey costing around £7.50).

A related factor to this, but one which I perhaps failed to appreciate before I arrived, is that the city itself is pretty tiny (even by Scottish standards!

) – it’s actually quite hard to believe that it is a “city” at all, let alone the 4 largest in Sweden.* Perhaps this is why a Google images search for “Uppsala” returns only around a page of clear city views, and certainly in my own experience it was difficult to gauge how the settlement itself would look and fit together as a whole. ), there is more to Uppsala than the city’s beautiful cathedral and castle, so hopefully the slideshow below will help you get a better idea of where you’re headed, if you’re also heading to Uppsala for your study abroad semester/year…

Traditionally, the day begins with a “champagne and strawberry breakfast” – seemingly classy, and an early indication that champagne plays a BIG part in Uppsala’s Valborg festivities!