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RMF became an active agent for individual's rights during Brazil's political process that began in 1964 with the dictatorial government until the country's political transition during the 1980's. Articles discussing a speech given by Romy Medeiros da Fonseca as President of the Conselho Nacional de Mulheres do Brasil (National Council of Women in Brazil) regarding women's movement in Brazil..

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This collection originates from Romy Medeiros da Fonseca. Iêda Siqueira Wiarda, the Luso-Brazilian Specialist of the Hispanic Division at the Library of Congress (LC), Washington DC, contacts Dr. Billington, Librarian of the Library of Congress, manifests his interest in acquiring the "ten best collections in the world" available for acquisition. Wiarda sends a list with three possible Brazilian collections to Dr. In September 1995, approximately 40 boxes arrive at LC.

Romy Medeiros da Fonseca (RMF), with whom she has a longtime professional relationship. In March of 1996, after an initial overview of the material, Vera Cristina Neumann, a volunteer intern in the Hispanic Division, gives suggestions onhow to organize the collection.

From 1997 through 2014, volunteer interns of the Hispanic Division, as well as staff worked on the revision and organization of the RMF archive which resulted in 67 boxes containing various documents, biographies, photographs, articles from magazines and newspapers, and scholarly works about the feminist movement in Brazil.

The papers of Romy Medeiros da Fonseca are open to research.

Researchers are advised to contact the Hispanic Division Reading Room prior to visiting.