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No he may not go every time, but maybe he addicting and I know he enjoyed Barbara's teaching.

After class, he said to me that yoga was kind of like starting a church.

If you felt you wanted to teach people about the type of yoga that you liked, that you could open your own studio and then people could come to you and you could tech them how to feel yoga the way you wanted them to feel it.

It was a very enlightening and spiritual thing for him to say.

I have poor priorities*updates my journal by stealing an old ass meme from my old account cause i have no concept of time and proper priorities hello im still alive*1. Birthday: 27th August (i turned 22 two weeks ago)3. (I like to elaborate so much stuff in brackets like this)MMDProbably not so obvious (well except for previous journals lol) but I've gotten too deep into MMD (starting with the hetalia fandom although originally what locked my eyes onto whole thing was knb mmd cause of that one dashingly handsome model.