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During the rule of Paul I, approximately 6000 Armenian families from Karabakh were allowed to move to the valley of Aghstev river and occupy the region around Karavansara village.

In 1919, after the independence of Armenia, the name of the settlement of Karavansara was changed into Ijevan.

On the same site, the small village of Karavansara was founded in the 1780s during the Persian rule.

However, during the days of the First Republic of Armenia in 1919, the settlement was renamed Ijevan, meaning inn or caravanserai in the Armenian language.

It is said by tradition that about 2000 years ago, King Artavasdes I built a city on the place of modern-day Ijevan.

He gathered only the beautiful girls and the handsome boys from all over Armenia, so that latter they would get married and settle in the newly established town.

Thus, the successors of that handsome generation live today in Ijevan.