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Neither does it stint from the full horror of its citizens’ suffering.

Like so many other unfortunates on that terrible day, its tiny occupant did not stand a chance of survival as the volcano, long presumed to have been dormant, suddenly blasted a vast cloud of ash and volcanic rocks into the sky.

The writer Pliny the Younger described ‘the shrieks of women, the screams of children and the shouts of men; convinced that there were now no gods at all and that the final endless night of which we have heard had come upon the world’.

Many early victims were killed as this deadly cloud began raining pumice and ash over Pompeii and the surrounding countryside.

Twenty years before the eruption, one of these gruesome spectacles had resulted in what historian Mary Beard has described as ‘a nasty outbreak of ancient sports hooliganism’, when spectators from the nearby town of Nuceria came to blows with the home crowd, resulting in many deaths.