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I want to inspire people to tear down their walls, especially for teenage girls.So many people don’t believe in themselves; people are worth so much more than what social media shows.

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Kirstie Maldonado- Interview With Pentatonix’ Lead Singer I recently had the chance to chat with Kirstie Maldonado (bio below)- the female lead singer of the wildly popular acapella group Pentatonix.

They’re about to launch a tour this February 2014 and I wanted to get Kirstie’s thoughts on a few subjects. I was friends with Scott since high school so we’re all friends. How did music come to be such a major part of your life?

Dina: There are few groups with all guys and one female. It’s never really weird unless those times when there’s one dressing room. Kirstie: My mom and I would be in the car all the time (my mom is a single parent). I told her I wanted to be like the kids in the kids’ shows. Some days are just 2 hours, some are 6 to 8 hours, depending on what’s going on. How she raised me- it was just important to get good grades.

She finally put me into voice lessons when I was 8 years old and I did a community theatre show, fell in love with it. In college, I did Musical Theatre Performance major at University of Oklahoma. And then this opportunity came my way and it’s been amazing. Dina: Take me through a typical day’s schedule for you when you’re not on tour. I woke up at 10, then had meetings through mid-day. When we’re not going on tour, we won’t have that long of a rehearsal. On personal time I take online classes; I really want to go back and get my degree. Dina: You mention that getting a degree is important to you. It’s just something I value so much, especially after I didn’t have to do it (school) anymore.

Dina: As the group grows rapidly and more in the limelight, do you feel pressure in any way to look a particular way?