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The trips start from San Nazzaro docks, a small harbour just a stone’s throw from Monticelli d’Ongina, which can be reached both from Piacenza Sud exit (A1), and from Caorso exit (A21), going towards Cremona: after getting out of the town of Caorso, turn left following the San Nazzaro sign, turn left after 500 m, towards Milan / Maleo over the bridge, then take the first road on the left and go down to Po river.

Piacenza Turismi via San Siro 29 - 29121 Piacenza Tel.

0523.305254, fax 0523.309298 E-mail: [email protected] car: Coming from the South: A1 Piacenza sud exit Coming from the North: A21 Piacenza ovest exit and from Brescia A21 Piacenza est exit. By plane: Milan Linate airport, 60 km far - Milan Malpensa airport, 90 km far - Parma airport, 60 Km far Piacenza, an ancient town on the right bank of Po river, in Emilia Romagna, offers many tourist attractions: among which Il Gotico in Piazza dei Cavalli, the ancient town hall and a wonderful example of Lombardy Gothic architecture, that is definitely worth a visit. Anthony, dedicated to the patron saint, founded in the IV century, with additions dating to the XIV and XV century is also worth visiting; together with the Cathedral, a remarkable Romanesque building with Gothic elements, built between 11.

The Romanesque San Savino church, consecrated in 1107 and preserving two mosaics representing the months of the year and the Zodiac signs shouldn’t really be missed.

And finally Farnese Palace in Piazza Cittadella, residence of the Farnese family until 1731.