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The clock struck midnight as he reached the wooden double doors.Without checking the peephole or peering through the front windows, he pulled the doors open just as his master, Phoenix Moorhaven, walked up the steps.

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Being exact was a science the vampire didn’t subscribe to.

“So it is,” Master Phoenix agreed, his gold eyes shining with amusement. ” The blonde lady on Master Phoenix’s arm sneered at Declan. I might be the leader of the vampires, but Declan is the master of my house,” Master Phoenix scolded.

His tone might have been mild, but his expression went colder than the Arctic Circle. The opinion of one blonde tramp meant nothing to him.

Master Phoenix would fuck her, suck her, and toss her out at sunrise. As far as Declan could tell, his master had no interest in any human, male or female, beyond sustenance.

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