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I love dining out as much as (and probably more than) the next person.But the big massive joke about normal dining is that once you finish the meal, that’s the end. The buffet drapes its pudgy motherly arm over your shoulder, holds you close to her ample bosom and whispers in your ear…Regardless of if you’re still hungry, or if you suddenly wish you’d ordered a different meal. “Eat more my child, eat all that you can.” But not all buffets are trustworthy, some of them are as fraudulently attractive as a teenage girl’s Facebook pictures.

But this evil-type buffet is altogether avoidable if you follow the guide I have selflessly researched through many weeks of eating my way through Sydney’s buffets. $75 per person certainly ain’t cheap, but the quality at Café Mix fairly reflects the price.

The seafood is fresh, bountiful and varied, with the chef clearly taking pride in sourcing the best local produce.

The salad buffet was actually one of my favourite parts, boasting a variety of outrageously fresh high quality Asian salads.

The hot buffet was a bit hit and miss, many dishes were flawless while a few, such as the meatballs, pakoras and pasta were average but not inedible.

However it was the dessert that absolutely blew my mind.